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$10G Challenge – Ends Jan 1, 2019

The Anglophone Rights Association has been presented with a financial opportunity that will allow for us to gain public exposure via media sources. 

We need to let people know who we are, and what we are seeking.. 

Fairness and Opportunity within the province for all New Brunswickers 

We have a passionate and dedicated couple whom have offered to match donations up to $5000, so any amount coming from you will be helpful. 

If we are successful in reaching $5000, the couple will add $5000 which will be a total of $10 G.  

Media coverage is expensive and we are not funded in any other way than through our membership and donations.  

We do hope you can support our efforts! 

Donations can be made via methods listed below. Many thanks! 

(Please indicate your donation is for the $10 G Challenge and the donor name. Our appreciation will be posted unless otherwise donor indicated.)

    1)   By Mail:                                                3)   In person:  

           P.O Box 22012                                             Call 588-8074 to make arrangements

           Marysville, NB, E3A 4A0

     2)   Our website:                                       4)  E transfer thru financial Institution:

           www.aranb.ca                                             anglophonerights@mail.com

           Click on “Donate” button                            Transfer Answer: money123                             


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