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No matter how many times a salesperson tells you that a pair of shoes look great and you should buy them, it doesn’t change the fact they hurt your feet.

In the fall of 2016, ex Premier Gallant presented a speech to the Chamber of Commerce in Saint John trumpeting how great bilingualism is. Today in his last speech in the legislature he states “ he is sorry he did not acknowledge that many NBers feel left behind by it”.

Just like those shoes, there are some problems with bilingualism and simply running around the province telling Anglophones that their concerns are not real,  doesn’t fix it. You would not go back to that shoe salesman and we didn’t go back to Gallant.

Now those shoes may have been altered to fit by stretching or adding an insole, just as bilingualism can be altered a bit to give fair treatment to both linguistic communities but it ain’t goin to happen till you acknowledge the problem. Gallant couldn’t do it because he couldn’t set aside his bias and that  would require leadership qualities.

Just like with certain serious health issues, you can only ignore the symptoms for so long. Don’t be surprised if Higgs and company continue to ignore Anglophone concerns just as the Liberals have, however,  the consequences of that in the next election will likely push them to a third or fourth place party.

Higgs  and Austin really should appoint a royal commission to review bilingualism. Make it honest and transparent. Don’t drag it on for years either. Six months and done.

We demand a bilingualism that ensures a place for the Anglophone community. It better happen or the Conservatives are going to find themselves a party of little significance after the next election.

Nov 2, 2018


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