And the Wolf Said Unto the Sheep

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And the Wolf Said Unto the Sheep
There is a great benefit to our relationship.

Introduction: (sorry, a little long)

SANB (Acadian Society of New Brunswick) and a few complicit English organizations have commenced a propaganda initiative to exaggerate the value of bilingualism to New Brunswick.

Their effort is to put lipstick on a pig and then wrap it in a veil so that you can’t see the real picture.

The truth is not really part of the equation. The intent is to use their ample government funding to paint a rosy mirage distributed by a complicit traditional media and complicit government.

The following is a list of 8 so called benefits of bilingualism. d’Entremont referred to this list several times and it is on the government web as well.

So the following is these items and a response provided after each. In these benefits, you will see a very amateur and weak effort to expand and exaggerate the value of their points.

Benefit #1:
The bilingual workforce has been a key reason why New Brunswick has attracted big corporate players including ExxonMobil, Xerox, IBM, FedEx, UPS, RBC, TD Insurance, Unilever, and SNC-Lavalin to set up in the province.

RESPONSE: Is there any place for honesty any more? The key reason many companies come here is for the multi-million dollar government bribes that are extended to them to come here. Why have some companies left that were originally here for bilingualism (so they said)? Surely they didn’t leave this bilingual province for bribes elsewhere. You bet.

Benefit #2:
Bilingualism has led to the development of a vibrant language industry in the province.

RESPONSE: So, essentially what that means is they have created another government department, a bureaucracy spending millions duplicating. Now Francophones deserve paperwork in their language but the process is bloated, often intentionally sending duplicate messages to the majority of people who they know are unilingual.
The next three so called “benefits” are basically the same. Note the common factor, Quebec. This is their effort to stretch one list item into 3.

Benefit #3: Bilingualism has been key to developing the Quebec market for trade and investment.

Benefit #5: Bilingualism has been key to developing the Quebec market for New Brunswick’s professional services.

Benefit #6: Bilingualism has been an important reason why New Brunswick has been able to attract significant tourism revenue from the Quebec market.

Benefit #4:
Bilingualism has been a major reason why national finance and insurance firms are serving their customers across the country from New Brunswick.

Response: This one is just a duplicate of the first one on the list , Benefit 1, about attracting corporations.

So they have repeated to make it look like there are more reasons for bilingualism.

Benefit #7:
Bilingualism has been an important reason why New Brunswick has attracted national and international post-secondary students to study in the province.

Response: Again this is an attempt to fool you. Where do you suppose French international students go? They go to University of Moncton of course. We don’t have to be a bilingual province to do that. UNB gets a lot of Asian students and we don’t have to be a bilingual province for that either.

Benefit #8:
Bilingualism has been an important reason why New Brunswick has attracted a higher share of bilingual immigrants compared to most other provinces.

Response: This is very vague. What bilingual immigrants? What does “most other provinces” mean? Does it mean the English provinces? Likely.

So you see, it’s a weak case they have.
They make no mention of the “net “ benefit after deducting the cost of its administration.

There has been no evaluation of why companies have not come here, in particular English companies. Would an English company want to come here? Would English owners and workers want to come here in light of the large and increasing language barrier they would face? What jobs would be available for their family members? Would need much larger brides and that probably wouldn’t work on an individual basis.

So you see they are in the process of trying to sell a mutt as purebred. With the help of the media and the government they will fool a lot of people . Do not let it be you.

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