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Would it bother you to know that there are currently 110 vacancies for paramedics in New Brunswick, but that these positions aren’t being filled because of a shortage of “Bilingual” paramedics?  That for the past three (3) years, unilingual paramedics in various sectors of the province, whether English or French, have been hired on only short, eight-week contracts, while we advertise in Quebec and Ontario with an open-ended policy for Bilingual paramedics to replace them?  These men and women can’t apply for a mortgage or a bank loan because they can’t tell the bank that they have “stable” employment.  They are living under constant stress and insecurity.  There is technology available to them that translates over 100 languages – but they are not allowed to use it when it comes to English or French.

How did it feel to see Wayne Grant have his hours cut and be moved to a parking lot, or Doug Dickison and Ward MacDonald lose their positions as Commissionaires serving as security at reception desks because they spoke only one language?  Doug Dickison is a 23 year Veteran who even asked for language training as opposed to being dismissed, but was denied.

Does it make you feel warm to know that we are paying for taxis, or in some cases parents themselves, to get children to schools in their language of choice when they live outside of District Busing?  Are you proud of segregating our children based on the language of the school they attend?

What about knowing that thousands of experienced medical professionals, government workers, and armed forces members are being denied career advancement?  That the number of jobs the government has determined require Bilingualism is increasing daily so that fewer and fewer opportunities for unilingual individuals exist, despite our supposed equality?  Government claims that 55% are open to those who speak English (which could mean bilingual), but our research shows that number is actually closer to 35%

Do you enjoy paying increased taxes (now up to 40% of your income) for fewer services and lower quality of life while only one of our two official languages seems to matter and receives millions of dollars every year in both Federal and Provincial funding?

How about knowing that the literacy rate in New Brunswick ranges between 52% and 66%, that math and sciences fail to meet standards, and that your child, whether English, French, or Bilingual is being failed by inadequate quality and resources in Education?  They are literate in their primary language, let alone their second one.

Have you heard that as many as 200 English-speaking teaching positions may be lost and that Teacher’s from Quebec are on the list to be called?  You’re telling me that in 50 years we haven’t managed to graduated qualified Bilingual Teachers in New Brunswick?  How about knowing that there are unlicensed teachers in our classrooms?  That’s right – if a qualified teacher (usually for Immersion cannot be found – an unlicensed individual may be hired to teach the term.

Most recent Statistics Canada data shows that in New Brunswick, only 15.9% of the English population is bilingual, and not all meet government standards, while 71.4% of the Francophone population are considered to be Bilingual.  This is after 50 years.  Less than 33% of the population control your Public Sector, your Government, your Unions, your Courts … is this ok with you?

These, and more are facts, not fiction – and it’s only getting worse.

Anglophone Rights Association of New Brunswick incorporated to fight for balance and logic in the creation, interpretation, and implementation of language laws in New Brunswick … but we can’t do it alone!

In the past 18 months – we have held more than 30 community meetings, and grown our membership to over 1100 concerned individuals, both French and English.  We have self-published newsletters and brochures, passed out business cards, and paid for both Billboard and media advertising.  One of our members is assisting the Commissionaires in their appeal over losing their jobs.

Unlike many minority language efforts – we do not receive government funding.  All of our efforts have been made possible by membership fees, and by donations from the public.

In order to continue our efforts – we are asking for your help.  Our current needs include a more professional upgrade to our website, funding for advertising, printed material, hall rentals etc. for public meetings, and most importantly funds to begin pursuing legal options.

Please support your unilingual family, friends, and neighbors!

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