• The Fed is Their Shepherd. They Shall Not Want.

    Take the time to understand this program in the link below. It’s a ”2.7 billion dollar” give away, Action Plan for Official Languages (2018 - 23). It is based on a premise that two particular groups in Canada are deserving of this funding over the rest of us. Who are these groups? They are Anglos […more]
  • Do You See Any Bias Here?

    See any bias here? https://www.canada.ca/en/canadian-heritage/services/funding/court-challenges-program/members-official-language-rights-panel.html?fbclid=IwAR2AOhERHqZY-cXNw_4gW8SkzOnhwip7w9HXm6oSanOGTJE6c1QHLkn1X1g The Official Language Rights Expert Panel is composed of the following members: Thomas Maillet Emanuelle Richez Johane Tremblay Marie-Claude Rioux Gilles Levasseur André Poulin-Denis
  • Don’t Be Fooled

    According to The Pew Research Center, almost every country in Europe requires students as young as six to learn a foreign language, usually English. Even more impressive, over 20 European countries (including France) require students to learn two foreign languages in school for at least one school year. ””Just not in French immersion”” but rather […more]
  • A Pattern of a Biased Court System?

    The recent court decision by Judge LeBlanc pertaining to language application and the paramedic’s is just another in a string of court decisions pertaining to language that has become the domain of French judges. The list of court cases below were referenced by Katherine d’Entrement as the most important language rulings in Canada, all in […more]
  • Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You

    This paramedic situation is just a dog’s breakfast for sure. Here is a testimonial that makes you wonder. ----------------------------------------------------- Hey New Brunswick, I think it’s for you to know that my husband has been working for 5 years for our government as a paramedic. In those 5 years he has been working more than full […more]
  • Step Right Up. Get Your One Way Ticket.

    A one way bus ticket “west” for young Anglos to seek a career. The information on the sheet shown below should give you confidence that your move is the right move. What it means is this: Anglos are disproportionately under represented (overall) in areas of employment governed by the Official Languages Act, specifically government departments, crown […more]
  • Inclusive? NO, Phony? YES

    Francophone leadership groups from across the country are working in partnership with the Trudeau liberal government to revise the national official languages act. Revision to that Act will have significant impact on all Canadians but Anglophone New Brunswickers have been intentionally ignored. And don’t think we don’t know how phony these federal consultations this year […more]
  • Fundamental Questions

    Fundamental Questions The following are a few basic questions at the heart of the French - English tension today. 1. Does it matter what percentage of government jobs are held by Anglos? 2. What percentage is a minimum Anglos should hold if any? 3.  Is there a system in place to ensure proportional participation by […more]
  • And the Wolf Said Unto the Sheep

    And the Wolf Said Unto the Sheep There is a great benefit to our relationship. Introduction: (sorry, a little long) SANB (Acadian Society of New Brunswick) and a few complicit English organizations have commenced a propaganda initiative to exaggerate the value of bilingualism to New Brunswick. Their effort is to put lipstick on a pig […more]

    A fatal blind spot for Anglos is the importance of PARTICIPATION. In the early 1980’s the Francophone community was upset about their lack of participation in the civil service. The Hatfield government responded by establishing a royal commission to look into it. The Poirier Bastarache ( a two Francophone ) commission was established and recommended […more]
  • Premier Higgs Wants to Hear from You!

    Do Not Let This Go! Listen to the video below. Mr. Higgs stated that no one should be denied a job or promotion to a job on the basis of language. He wants to know if that is happening. Fourteen Anglophone paramedic’s recently wrote in a letter to the media stating it in fact had […more]
  • D’Entremont, was a shining light.

    This piece is a little long, but it is necessary and important to explain the position English speaking folks are in with respect to employment in government or any company that falls under the Official Languages Act. There are several quotes from Katherine D’Entremont, our last language commissioner. She unwittingly explained the barrier that bilingualism […more]