Does French Canada ask too much of English Canada?

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The French majority in Quebec have no hesitation in doing that which they would never accept from Anglophones, the rest of Canada. It is a clear distinction between the two solitudes.…/english-government-services-quebec-1.5…

English Canada is asked to believe in the French justification that essentially, the French language is too fragile to stand on its own. Anglo Canada struggles with it because this begs an obvious question; how are other minority language groups able to maintain themselves without all these millions of dollars spent and increasingly restrictive laws and policies against English?

In light of this, it is difficult for Anglo Canada to determine if the French language and culture is that fragile or is it some sort of money grab justified by exaggerating the need to support the French language. The Federal government spends, literally, hundreds of millions of dollars per year supporting what is referred to as the “vitality” of the French minority outside Quebec and English minority in Quebec.

Some will quickly point to the fact that the government spends millions on the minority English in Quebec. Perhaps a case could be made that this spending too is unnecessary.

The multi million dollar spending practice on language “vitality” seems actually to have become a language welfare industry with people paid to carry out studies, to travel to and participate in thousands of meetings and conferences, to organize family reunions, to attend language court challenges as participants or interveners and to manage minority lobbying activities etc.

The leadership of the Francophone community nationally have created an environment that to question this spending is a negative act against the Francophone community. The Anglos in Quebec seem to be riding on their coat tails in this spending fest.

It will be interesting to see if this language spending will come under scrutiny as has the federal transfer payments to Quebec in light of the fact that Canada has a debt of over 725 billion dollars.…/official-languages-a…/2018-2023.html


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