Fair is Fair

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Two neighbours (Smith and Jones) come into dispute and end up in court. Jone’s brother is a lawyer and represents him. Smith has no lawyer and so the court appoints Jone’s brother to represent him as well.

See a problem there? In New Brunswick the Francophone community are represented by their brother Mr. Carrier as Language Commissioner. The government has asked him to represent the Anglophone community at the same time. That’s not fair to the Anglophone community or Mr. Carrier. This type situation is a conflict of interest and is not allowed in a court of law so why is it allowed here?

There is a misunderstanding of the function of the language commissioner. Mr. Carrier does more than oversee language complaints. He takes positions and advocates for the Francophone community and how would you expect anything different. He is simply continuing the practice of our last language commissioner Katherine d’Entremont.

So, we need to address this conflict of interest. We need to have an Anglophone in the Language commissioner position that will relate to the Anglophone position in New Brunswick today. Someone Anglophones can feel comfortable coming to about issues and confident that Anglophone positions will be promoted with the same enthusiasm as Carrier promotes Francophone issues.

Two commissioners of language. The time has come for fairness in representation and end the conflict of interest.

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