I Read the News Today. Oh Boy!

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Our federal government has been hard at work developing more language regulations.

The finalized amendments to the Official Languages Regulations, published in the Canada Gazette on Wednesday, will create a new calculation method to determine whether there is sufficient demand for services in the minority official language, among other changes.

They will also lead to an additional 60,000 people having access to RCMP services in both languages and collectively increase the percentage of bilingual federal “points of service” from 34 per cent to more than 40 per cent, the government says.

Overall, the government says the regulations will result in roughly 700 new bilingual offices.

Just to be clear for those who might not be familiar. Today over 53% of Federal jobs in New Brunswick are designated “bilingual”. This will increase that.

Why should that bother Anglophones? Because less than 15% of Anglophones in New Brunswick are bilingual. For all intent and purposes, Anglophones are unilingual and will not be getting these newly designated “bilingual” jobs. And no, it is not simply a matter of learning French. It’s a disproportionate participation in the civil service by a 32% minority.

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Feds move forward with changes to official languages regulations

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