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On March 28th a few members of the Anglo Society of N.B. attended a court hearing at the Moncton Court House, Assumption Blvd.

Two sign companies are contesting Dieppe’s sign law Bill Z-22 as unconstitutional and restricts freedom of expression.

The decision was that the case WILL proceed with the court date set for SEPTEMBER 5th at 9:30 AM. We strongly urge all members and supporters to attend this VERY important court case in support of all N.B. businesses and our future freedom of expression.

We must stand up NOW before this discriminating law spreads throughout every city and town in the province and robs even more unilingual citizens of future employment opportunities in this province.

For further information and transportation call (506) 327- 6723 or (506) 472- 4029

Matthew Glenn, President
Anglo Society of N.B.

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