Inclusive? NO, Phony? YES

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Francophone leadership groups from across the country are working in partnership with the Trudeau liberal government to revise the national official languages act.

Revision to that Act will have significant impact on all Canadians but Anglophone New Brunswickers have been intentionally ignored.

And don’t think we don’t know how phony these federal consultations this year have been with Jolie and their unadvertised meeting at U de M and their many meetings with invited Francophone groups in Ottawa.

We will not accept those changes because in the end they will be forced upon us, snuck in under cover of deceit just as Alward did with the closed door meetings in 2012.

We expect our Premier to stand up for all of our province’s citizens. We would expect our Premier to say “Hey Mr. Trudeau there are 500,000 Anglophones in New Brunswick who will be affected by these changes and you haven’t made an honest and real effort to hear from them”.

But no, don’t expect to hear that from Mr. Higgs. Now, we can understand disrespect from Trudeau and company, it’s their natural bias, but the Premier hmmm not so much.

There are significant changes coming to the national Official Languages Act. Better fasten your belt. When the full impact of more and stronger language laws of which we had no part, becomes apparent, we shall remember who stood for us and who didn’t.

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