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A fatal blind spot for Anglos is the importance of PARTICIPATION. In the early 1980’s the Francophone community was upset about their lack of participation in the civil service. The Hatfield government responded by establishing a royal commission to look into it. The Poirier Bastarache ( a two Francophone ) commission was established and recommended that action needed to be taken to ensure Francophones have fair participation in the civil service.

Francophones understood the value of participation then and they understand it now. Anglophones do not understand the value of participation. Today the Anglos are 68% of the general population and a decreasing 47% of the civil service. This is extremely detrimental for Anglos but they are totally unaware and/ or apathetic about it.

What does the civil service mean to all New Brunswickers? It is the organization that hires individuals and companies. It is the organization that drafts laws and government policies. It is the organization that administers and interprets those polices. It is the organization that politicians depend on for guidance and information in political decisions.

Today more Francophones are in the civil service than Anglophones despite being only 32 % of our general population. This dominance is increasing as over 70% of government job postings require fluency in French. Anglos are not qualified being 90% unilingual. Francophones secure many of the jobs designated as “English” because they are often interviewed before Francophone decision makers. It is called hiring bias, Franco’s should understand that , they were victims of it for years. So Anglos are now relegated to a rather small slice of the pie and getting smaller.

The most visible example of the disproportion in the civil service is in the paramedic situation which will now grow into the fire fighters occupation and municipal police forces.

The question is “Where does this all end”? It is inevitable that in time this will become common knowledge. As time goes by a tipping point will be reached where the imbalance will be too great to hide and at that time there will growing outrage that will be a challenge for the Francophone leadership and the complicit English politicians to contain and maintain the status quo.

Conservatives and Liberals who have been the weak enablers of this mess for the past 50 years will then suddenly become instant fake champions for the English and the Francophones who enjoy a reputation of “kind fun loving folks” today will be tarnished by their participation in such an intentional trespass against the accommodating and weak Anglos.

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