Step Right Up. Get Your One Way Ticket.

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A one way bus ticket “west” for young Anglos to seek a career. The information on the sheet shown below should give you confidence that your move is the right move.

What it means is this:

Anglos are disproportionately under represented (overall) in areas of employment governed by the Official Languages Act, specifically government departments, crown corporations and companies under contract to government. What it also means is that for every 10 jobs up for hire in these areas, 7 require fluency in French to a high proficiency, a proficiency way beyond that of 90 + percent of Anglos.

This “disproportion” should be a scary thing for Anglos. There will come a time when they realize that a significant percentage of this disproportion has come from hiring bias, as less and less Anglos reside on hiring panels. (remember d’Entremont revealed the goal of all 328 senior positions designated as bilingual). They will come to realize the impact of multi million dollar immigration programs bringing in outsiders because they have the capability in French.

This is the most serious issue facing Anglos today in New Brunswick but can we make it any clearer? It seems to be a hard concept for Anglos to capture. Can they get it? Wakey, wakey.

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