STOP Forced Bilingualism to Balance the Provincial Budget

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The Editor,

Once again we have a newly elected provincial government, hopefully taking serious steps to slay the deficit and reduce the twelve billion dollar debt.

Michael Horgan, the individual chosen to oversee the process in undoubtedly an excellent choice for the job.

Our previous finance minister Blain Higgs was willing and able to do so during the past four years but was prevented from taking serious action by the opposition party, special interest groups and even his own government.

He should be included as one of the members of this process since he has fresh knowledge of the provincial finances and where critical changes should be made.

It isn’t at all surprising that the Gallant government has warned Mr. Horgan that official “forced” bilingualism is not to be considered during this process. Instead, possibly increase the HST that will seriously affect young families and seniors.

It was recently brought to our attention by the chief surgeon at the Chalmers hospital that operations are being cancelled because several hospital beds are currently occupied by seniors waiting for special care beds.

Will providing the necessary special care homes continue to be put on the back burner?

Introducing highway tolls has also been contemplated, but would that not discourage business growth and tourism?

It appears that our necessary social services are about to take a financial hit while $750 million is spent annually on duplication “forced bilingualism”. Those figures were released by our previous government, but there are individuals who should be in the know, who indicate that an additional amount is being hidden in all departments which would more than double that figure. If that one expenditure alone were cut in half it would eliminate the deficit with money left over.

Continuing to maintain two parallel provinces on one public purse is slowly but surely taking N.B. down the road to bankruptcy.

Ronald Bubar
VP, Anglo Society of N.B.

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