The Fed is Their Shepherd. They Shall Not Want.

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Take the time to understand this program in the link below. It’s a ”2.7 billion dollar” give away, Action Plan for Official Languages (2018 – 23). It is based on a premise that two particular groups in Canada are deserving of this funding over the rest of us.

Who are these groups? They are Anglos in Quebec and Franco’s outside Quebec. Why are they given this? Because they are minorities. That’s it, nothing else.

Let’s do the math, shall we. There are 1.1 million Francophones outside Quebec and about 900,000 Anglos in Quebec. So, 2 million folks are going to share this big welfare payment. That’s $1350 for every man, woman and child, so for Franco’s outside Quebec it is $1.485 billion and for Anglos in Quebec it’s $1.215 billion.

For Francos in New Brunswick it means $317 million. For Anglos in New Brunswick it means 0 (zero) dollars.

Join the ARA and fight for a fair economic split.…/collec…/pch/CH14-39-2018-eng.pdf


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