The Mystery of the Conservative Party Personality

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The way bilingualism is being administered is discriminatory toward the English speaking community, and yet the Higgs Conservative party knowing this, is strongly stubborn in their support for the continuation of this status quo. It seems to be in their party DNA.

It is a challenge to describe how puzzling this inaction is. Most people at some point in their lives have situations that cause them to stand up for the principle of fairness and decide that “enough is enough”. Never so for the Conservative party.

Higgs is carrying on the tradition of Anglophone Premiers Hatfield and Alward who act as though the English community is non existent. Yes, I understand they were and are selling us out simply for the purpose of getting elected but again, where is their sense of fairness?

Now, about four years ago, I thought that the Conservative party mindset could be changed simply by providing evidence of the injustice from within. Sterling told me at that time that the Conservative party could never change. He was right. I was wrong.

Today, Mr. Higgs knows our ARA grievances, sees the evidences, but initiates nothing except a few tweaks to the paramedic charade.

Mr.Higgs’s courting of the leadership of the Francophone community is an indication of what is clearly his strategy, a majority government bolstered by the French block vote. For the Francophone community supporting Higgs is not such a stretch. The French community have gotten more from English Premiers than they ever did from Francophone Premiers. Think about Hatfield, McKenna and Alward.
Add to that, the fact that Vickers is going to be a hard sell and the Conservatives are back in business as usual.

The Anglophone community is in peril. But we have an option, let’s unite as English people fighting for balance and fairness.

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