A bag on the porch

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The provincial government has thrown in the towel last week in the bilingual bus folder. He gives up trying to convince the Court of Appeal to clarify its constitutional obligations.

That’s not all.

Fredericton fate of the legs of school districts, who can now manage the school bus as they want. They are free to share buses with English-speaking districts if they wish.

This turnaround is well received by districts. It is understandable. They now have a little more power.

The three francophone districts, however, inherit an explosive issue.

If one of them opts for bilingual bus, it will be exposed to long and costly litigation.

That said, it is likely that they will choose the status quo.

But they will get away unscathed even if they do not move a muscle.

The four anglophone districts, attracted by the opportunity to save money, will probably talk louder in favor of bilingual bus.

Columnists of daily Irving will beat the drums of efficiency and many Internet users will grumble that the heterogeneous transport is the cause of all the problems of New Brunswick.

Some politicians will see an opportunity to score points in the 2018 elections approach and will land like dogs in a china shop.

And who is going to face all this pressure? Not the Prime Minister and his colleagues, well surrounded elected who are used to manage crises and to be criticized from all sides on all sides.

No. These are the Francophone school councilors, community members who may not have as hard rind, which will handle this hot potato.

It is perhaps not yet realized, but Brian Gallant, Brian Kenny and Serge Rousselle just drop a bag of excrement on the steps of the francophone districts, the light and sound before clear off screaming with laughter.


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