• ARANB Message to All New Brunswick

    The Anglophone Rights Association of New Brunswick does NOT oppose bilingualism as is being stated by some publicly.  Those who are perpetuating the notion that ARANB is opposed to bilingualism are intentionally attempting to avoid meaningful discussion that would lead to fair and equitable resolution to the issues. There are issues with respect to the […more]
  • The (92% and 5%) Counties of NB

    Bilingualism does not work for everybody. One of the cornerstones of bilingualism is that the two languages French and English are equal without regard for the regional realities of New Brunswick, without acknowledgement of the practical aspects of acquiring and maintaining language. One regional reality is that there are 15 counties in New Brunswick. Eight […more]
  • Par et pour! Never heard of this before?

    Par et pour! Never heard of this before? The following is an interesting statement from a federal minister: “Our government remains committed to the principle of “par et pour”, ensuring that services for Francophones are offered by Francophones.”, The Honourable Ahmed Hussen Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship    
  • $2.7 Billion – Plan For Official Languages 2018-2023

    The following is a multi billion dollar program by the federal government designated for two particular groups, Anglophones in Quebec and Francophones outside Quebec. In 2003, the Government of Canada introduced the first Action Plan for Official Languages, which laid the foundation for investing in education and government services. These investments were maintained in the […more]
  • Complaint Lodged Regarding Official Languages Commissioner

    Legislative Assembly of New Brunwick Legislative Building, Centre Block P.O. Box 6000 Fredericton, NB E3B 5H1 February 20th, 2020 Attention: Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Hon. Daniel Guitard This letter is an official complaint regarding the Official Languages Commissioner, Shirley MacLean and her office. The original complaint was filed Feb 12, 2020 through the Official […more]
  • Open Letter to Premier Higgs and Official Languages Commissioner, Shirley MacLean

    This letter is regarding the television advertisements by our new Official Languages Commissioner, Shirley MacLean. While watching our local news the other day we were saddened to hear of the closure of six rural emergency rooms. Then, during the commercial break after hearing that bad news, we were subjected to the Official Languages Commissioner’s propaganda […more]
  • Where Are They Now?

    Over the past 5 years there have been 30,665 graduates from high school in the Anglophone system. Of those, only 1158 graduated with a proficiency in French of intermediate 2 or better. That’s 4 percent. Project that over the past 30 years and you find that only 6, 948 would be considered bilingual out of […more]
  • 7 Years Data – Grade 12 French Proficiency Test Results

    New Brunswick Anglophone School Districts Levels of French Proficiency Certificates Issued for Grade 12 Students for School Years 2012/2013 through 2018/2019   Levels of French Proficiency Certificates 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 Superior C1   <1% <1% <1% <1% <1% <1% <1% Advanced B2.2   <1% <1% <1% <1% <1% <1% 1% Advanced B2.1   4% 4% […more]
  • Toward a Better Bilingualism.

    There is a conflict going on between the Anglophone and Francophone community primarily over language. That’s nothing new. Let’s concentrate then, on the science of learning language. The following are excerpts of a position paper entitled “Why Anglophones in New Brunswick will remain unilingual” by a Francophone who lives in New Brunswick and has extensive […more]
  • New Federal Language Laws being Implemented Across Canada

    The national official languages act is going to be replaced soon. All the federal political parties have committed to pushing through a new act as described below. (Yes, Mr. Sheer as well). The new draft which will be adopted is a creation of the Francophone leadership in Canada. There has been virtually no input from […more]
  • “Unjust” Language Laws

    “Neither persons nor property will be safe, where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them” Frederick Douglas The large majority of English speaking people in New Brunswick have no idea of how “unjust” the language laws are toward them. “unjust” ....... not based […more]
  • Amend the OLA

    Amend the OLA To include this statement: “ The action plan on government linguistic obligations shall include measures to ensure that Anglophones and Francophones are fairly represented in the civil service, crown corporations, police, courts, first responders, healthcare and education in proportion to their percentage in the general population” In 2013, the Official Languages Act […more]

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