Our Goals

  • To defend and promote the rights and interests of New Brunswick Anglophones especially in the area of jobs.
  • To represent the English community before government on all issues affecting us.
  • To promote good will with other linguistic groups in the Province.
  • To advocate for a fair proportional share of jobs in the civil service and the private sector.
  • To advocate for a fair proportional share of spending on culture, healthcare, education and all other government services.


We believe that there are ten primary actions required of our provincial government in order to move us forward into a fair and balanced future that will provide equality, dignity, and quality of life to all NB citizens.

  1. The English speaking community requires a plan by the government to ensure a fair, equitable, and proportional participation in the job market.
  2. The English speaking community must have representation before government through consultation with the Anglophone Rights Association of New Brunswick (ARANB) on all issues pertaining to language.
  3. Government spending in all departments must be fair, equitable, and proportional between the Anglophone and Francophone communities.
  4. Government language policies must be revised so that unilingual individuals have an opportunity to obtain, and advance in government and government contracted jobs through the use of translation devices, the “team approach”, and job sponsored language training where appropriate and reasonable.
  5. There must be a complete review of language testing requirements in all government institutions that fall under the Official Languages Act, in order to establish reasonable and consistent levels of testing. There must be open and transparent tracking, and there must be a clearly identified and traceable appeals and remedial process.
  6. A commitment is required by the provincial government to advocate equally for the English-speaking community before the federal government to ensure a fair proportional share of jobs, spending and services with all levels of the federal system.
  7. Government action is required to ensure that Anglophones have equal access to funding for court challenges of language laws, policies and actions that they feel discriminate against them or violate their rights.
  8. A total review and revamp of the Commissioner of Official Languages mandate is required in order to include equal representation of and focus on the English-speaking community and to ensure that focus is being placed on ensuring that Anglophones receive a fair proportional share of government jobs, services, spending, and initiatives.
  9. There must be government acknowledgment that French Immersion has been and will continue to be a failure regardless of entry point, and an immediate assessment must be done to establish a curriculum that will succeed in teaching French second language while enabling English speaking children to master their own language skills. Accessibility of such a program must be ensured for all.
  10. A commitment from government is required that all future revisions of Acts or policies, and all new Acts or policies involving language must consider any impact to both the French and English linguistic communities and ensure that no disadvantage occurs.




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