Amend the OLA

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Amend the OLA

To include this statement:

“ The action plan on government linguistic obligations shall include measures to ensure that Anglophones and Francophones are fairly represented in the civil service, crown corporations, police, courts, first responders, healthcare and education in proportion to their percentage in the general population”

In 2013, the Official Languages Act (OLA) was amended. The new section 5 of the OLA, which came into effect on December 5, 2013, states that the government must develop and implement a comprehensive plan for its linguistic obligations. Section 5 is specific as to the objectives of the Plan and the measures it must contain.
The Plan must include measures “to ensure the equality of use of the English and French language in the public service.”

What section 5.1 of the OLA says…

Implementation Plan:

5.1(1)The Province shall prepare a plan setting out how it will meet its obligations under this Act, and the plan shall include the following:

(a) goals and objectives with respect to its obligations under this Act;
(b) measures to ensure the equality of status of the two linguistic communities;
(c) measures to ensure the equality of use of the English and French language in the public service;
(d) measures to ensure that language of work is considered when identifying work groups within the public service and when developing language profiles for positions in the public service;
(e) measures to improve the bilingual capacity of senior management in the public service;
(f) measures to provide for the review and the improvement, when necessary, of the public signage policies of the
Province, which policies shall include consideration of the two linguistic communities and of the linguistic composition of
a region; and
(g) performance measures for evaluating the effectiveness of the measures implemented under the plan and time frames within which they must be implemented.

BUT nowhere does it call for ensuring fair and proportional participation of both French and English communities.

That’s why we have these percentages that are disproportionate to our number in the general population:

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