“Unjust” Language Laws

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“Neither persons nor property will be safe, where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them”
Frederick Douglas

The large majority of English speaking people in New Brunswick have no idea of how “unjust” the language laws are toward them.

“unjust” ……. not based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair.

So to demonstrate this:

One of the landmark cases in language law for us in Canada is in R verses Beaulac. This was the case of a man who demanded to have a trial by judge and jury who understood both French and English. This ended up before the Supreme Court. One of the judges involved was M. Bastarache, a New Brunswick Francophone. He heard this case and his ruling has been deemed to be the ultimate view on language law.
Here is what his ruling dictates about language:

* Any judge ruling on a future language question must interpret the case in such a way as to favour the minority.

From ruling;

“ Interpretation of a Charter language provision should ideally be guided by that which will most effectively encourage the flourishing and preservation of the French language minority in the Province”

* Any ruling in the future should take into consideration any past injustice to the minority

From ruling:

“ Rulings should be remedial, in recognition of previous injustices that have gone unredressed”

So what has occurred in the court over the past number of decades is that a “built in”positive bias for the minority has been created on matters pertaining to language.


The court is making language law decisions , not just based on the merit of the case but under the weight of a predetermined attitude that they are hearing from someone that has suffered injustice at the hands of Anglos.

All language cases now and in the foreseeable future in this province will be handled in this way. It is very hard to believe that we have something called a “justice” system so intentionally stacked against us.

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