A Markus Rant

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November 2015:

Just when I thought the NB Liberal government couldn’t possibly be more ignorant and stunned you come up with this hair-brained scheme to cut the New Brunswick deficit by a whopping $2million dollars?!! New Brunswick is in the hole for damned near 500 million dollars!! I swear to every God above, I thought this was a joke. Kinda like putting a French CafĂ© in an English hospital…..wha?

I’ll tell you what Victor, if you really want to save some money you don’t even need to leave the building. Just go have a chat with the other donkeys in your cabinet.

Walk on down the hall and give a tap tap tappy on Roger Melanson’s door. Ask him how much it costs to have separate busses for English/French students. I’ll give you a hint. In Ontario it costs about $450/year per student. Last year in New Brunswick it was $720/year per student. With approx 90,000 students in NB, eliminating dual bussing and getting our cost per student down to even $600 would save us $10 million.

Seeing as you’re already in the area, pop on over to Serge Rousselle’s office and ask him how much taxpayer money is being spent going to court to try and justify dual bussing when in 2000 a Supreme court decision clearly stated that school busses are not educational institutions!!!

Ok..take a deep breath. This is a lot to take in.

Now that you’ve got Serge’s ear, ask him if he heard the CBC interview earlier this year with the lady who is the head of admissions to Francophone schools. She stated that upwards of 90% of children being admitted into Francophone schools don’t speak French. What that hell!?? Ask him why NB taxpayers are spending millions of dollars sending English speaking French kids on a French bus to a French school to learn French? I send two of my sons to school to learn French too. It’s called French Immersion. The difference is, instead of getting state of the art equipment, Teachers brought in from Quebec and a country club atmosphere, they get a school where the roof fell in last year giving them an extra week of Xmas vacation! Yay!!

On second thought, just fire Serge Rousselle. Seriously, he’s numb enough to believe you have the power to fire him. Do it. Be a hero.

Now go find Katherine d’Entremont and ask her how much she makes a year for opening her own bogus files against retirement aged seniors? No…..nevermind her, nobody likes her. You can’t even possibly like her.

She is a friendless Satan.

Slide further down the hall and ask Minister Francine Landry how much it cost to send d’Entremont to Ottawa to beg for more money to help French immigration to New Brunswick? Even better, ask Francine how much it cost sending her and the 70+ person ‘Experience Acadie’ contingent for 3 months in France trying to get French nationals to immigrate to New Bruswick. I guarantee that cost well over $2 million…and for what? ‘To help protect the French language/culture and regulate the arrival of Anglo-Saxons.’

Anglo-Saxons? Yep. That’s was money well spent. Ask her to write a personal cheque to reimburse New Brunswick. Tell her if it bounces, she bounces.

Ok…enough. Go back to your office and have a seat. Now open the drawer in your desk…no…not that one, the one with the mirror in it. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself this. Why in the burning blue flames of hell do you continue to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a dual health care system in a Province of 750,000 people? Seriously. Cancer doesn’t speak French. Cursing in English when you’re having a heart attack doesn’t make it any less fatal. One bilingual healthcare system will work. For example, my son took a slash in a hockey game up in Grand Falls this past weekend and had to go to the hospital. The Francophone staff at the hospital were very accommodating and all immediately switched to speaking English when dealing with my wife. It happens. New Brunswickers of different languages being nice and helping each other. Shocker.

Ok..so I’ve already saved you over $100 million but I’ve got one more cost cutting measure for you. You know you and your Secretary and your Deputy Minister and his Secretary and your Assistant Deputy Minister and his Secretary and Translator for Secretaries? Yeah….cut that out. It’s ridiculous.

You know what might work even better? Print out a list of everyone in your office. Highlight everyone with a French last name. Eliminate half of them and then give half of the jobs on the remaining list to English New Brunswickers. That way you might stem the flow of young, healthy, smart, hard working English people out of the Province so that we have some taxpayers left instead of bitter old angry men like me.

Stop saying stupid shit. You’re an embarrassment to New Brunswick. If it’s any consolation, you’re in good company.

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