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Another dismissed Letter To The Editor September 2009. Are English speaking New Brunswickers being gagged?

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Minto N.B
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Dear Editor,

Occasionally a New Brunswick citizen dares to venture into the realm of complaining about the taboo subject of forced bilingualism and duplication that this small province cannot afford.

One recent example being the July 5th article in a local news paper entitled “GRADUATION WAS EYE-OPENING” by author James Thompson.

For the past two or more years the Anglo Society of N.B. has been submitting monthly letters to several provincial newspapers on this very subject that rarely get published, with the exception of a couple of smaller privately owned papers.

Could it be that our Canadian charter of rights only allows for politically correct freedom of press? Apparently there is no longer such thing as freedom of speech.

The question is what will it take to change the discriminatory situation that the majority now finds itself which has evolved over the past forty years?

Why must English institutions be forced to provide bilingual services while in several cases more and more French institutions are deemed unilingual?

One thing we have learned is that we cannot rely on our elected representatives to institute change since they fear loosing a few votes come the next election. Therefore it is up to the people to stand up and take the necessary action.

Some have suggested a tax revolt designed to curb this financial bleeding of revenue that N.B. taxpayers have endured for the past four decades.

A province- country which discriminates against the majority of its taxpayers is likely doomed to fail.

Be Isolated, Be Ignored, Be Attacked, Be in Doubt, but do not be silenced.

Matthew Glenn
President, Anglo Society of N.B.

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