A Warning to NB Taxpayers and Businesses

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Views expressed by individuals in these letters are not necessarily the views of the Anglo Society of New Brunswick

The drive continues as it has since the establishment of the University of Moncton to eventually make New Brunswick a French province emulating Quebec where the English language is all but outlawed.

Recent examples are clearly visible as French agitators infiltrate cities and towns demanding French in many areas where numbers DO NOT warrant.

One of their methods is to break the law by getting a parking or speeding ticket as an excuse to demand all services in French with threats of court action if not adequately delivered. Recent examples are, forcing Moncton City Hall to provide French services in all departments, bilingual street signs in Saint John at the cost of thousands of dollars even though French is only 5% of the population. The city of Fredericton with 5 or 6% has bowed to the same demands as well as providing simultaneous translation at council meetings at a cost of thousands of dollars per year.

At one point the mayor publicly admitted that this unnecessary service had only been used once, yet city tax payers are on the hook to provide the funding regardless whether it is being used or not. This is quite a cash cow for French translating companies.

There are many other examples of possible “PAID AGITATORS” at work here in

N.B., as well as other provinces outside Quebec. “Maritime provinces beware”

We should all be aware of the recent court case regarding the lady who was caught speeding in Grand Falls , who won the case and was awarded over a $100,000 by the courts because she did not receive proper service in French by the RCMP officer and others.

Another glaring example, being the resident from Moncton who recently visited the emergency ward at the Tracadie-Sheila hospital where an English doctor had offered his services since a French or bilingual one was not available. She immediately scampered to the media and launched a complaint in very good English.

Was this really an emergency or was it another agitator demanding more French?

At the present, one of these agitators who foisted their French service demands on Moncton , Saint John and Fredericton now has their sights set on the town of Riverview .

“Beware”, the smaller predominately English towns and villages are about to be consumed by this French Language tsunami.

Where is the fairness in language of choice when an English speaking resident of the province was recently convicted and sentenced for harassment for daring to ask at a government office to provide them with satisfactory service in “English” their language of choice.

These assaults by language agitators on cities and towns are indeed harassment on a MEGA scale. It’s time for our government to escort these agitators out of the province and divert the millions of dollars spent annually on duplication to essential services that would benefit all New Brunswickers, not just the vocal and demanding few.

Matthew Glenn
President, Anglo Society of N.B.

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