Ambulance attendants do not want to bear the burden of lack of resourcesj(translated)

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Yanick Mongeau, Regional President of the Union of Paramedical Workers.

The paramedics union denounces the management of Ambulance New Brunswick in the Western Restigouche. Recent events reported by the media have a negative impact on the morale of ambulance attendants, who feel they are being held accountable for lack of resources.

Yanick Mongeau, the regional president of the Allied Workers’ Union, says ambulance attendants are literally fingered by the public. “They’re angry with the system and because you wear the NB Ambulance badges, sure enough they’ll scream after you.” ”

“When you arrive after [time] is expected, it is sure and certain that the situation has deteriorated enormously. So you already have much more pressure, there are many more witnesses on the scene that is beginning to give you misery, “he reasoned.

Several “uncovered” regions

Accompanied by union representative Mary Fougère, Yanick Mongeau says that the deployment problems reported in the Kedgwick and Saint-Quentin regions are not unique. Other parts of the province would be routinely uncovered due to lack of available staff, he said.

He says that lack of succession is a big problem that does not help. According to him the ambulance workers work too much. They have to take days off, but they do not have the staff to replace them.

As I speak, there are 109 open positions. Posts for paramedics across the province. It is enormous!
President of the Union of Paramedical Workers
The representative of the 200 or so paramedics in the northern part of the province says the union has been trying for years to work with Ambulance New Brunswick to find solutions. “It’s been 10 years since they were told, it’s going to get worse and worse because the people who were there from the worst that were there before Ambulance New Brunswick were able to run the service afloat, do not commit, the system will degrade. ”

The New Brunswick Association of Paramedical Workers declined our request for an interview.

In writing, its executive director, Chris Hood, says the association is concerned about services in rural areas.

He urged Ambulance New Brunswick to immediately fill the available positions on a permanent basis to give greater stability to the ambulance service.

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