• D’Entremont on Paramedics

    Here is the explanation of why the paramedic situation is being managed the way it is. In September of 2013, our Language Commissioner received a complaint about language service on an ambulance call. The two ambulance attendants were unilingual English and were responding to a call to a French individual. Their lack of capability in […more]
  • ‘We can’t let people die on the side of the road’: Gauvin

    John Chilibeck, Legislature Bureau, Nov 7, 2018   FREDERICTON • The only Tory francophone to win a seat in the provincial election says an accident he was in three years ago convinced him to support his party’s stance on ambulances, regardless of whether the paramedics are fully bilingual. Robert Gauvin said he was travelling with […more]

    Sorry this is complicated but there are actually four types of duality: • Education duality • Healthcare duality • Linguistic Duality • Busing duality   Education Duality This came about as a demand by the Francophone community and was codified into law in Bill 88 in 1982. That Bill specified that the Francophone community would […more]

    No matter how many times a salesperson tells you that a pair of shoes look great and you should buy them, it doesn’t change the fact they hurt your feet. In the fall of 2016, ex Premier Gallant presented a speech to the Chamber of Commerce in Saint John trumpeting how great bilingualism is. Today […more]