Bilingualism is still lacking at Ambulances New Brunswick (Translated using Google Translate)

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A Lamèque couple in New Brunswick complained that they had not been served in French on an ambulance trip.

Ambulances New Brunswick continues to be subject to official language complaints. By 2015, the organization announced that it wanted to improve its service offer in both languages.

Last week, Marcel Haché and Jean-Yves Duguay traveled back and forth to Fredericton in an ambulance and they have a bitter memory of it.

“We were treated like dogs! The word is weak, but that’s how we were treated, like dogs, “launched Jean-Yves Duguay.

Both men regret not having been served in their language. After a transfer to Elsipogtog, the paramedics spoke only English.

On the return the next day, a francophone was present, but the communication was always complicated.

“He spoke French, but it was a mixed French,” says Duguay.

With this “mixed French”, Jean-Yves was afraid that the ambulance driver would not understand the medical report written in French.

He filed a complaint with the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages.

Ambulances New Brunswick received four complaints in 2016, two in 2015 and five in 2014.

Dans une réponse écrite, Ambulances Nouveau-Brunswick assure que son système d’ambulance lui permet de servir les patients dans la langue de leur choix.

L’organisme dit aussi continuer de travailler à l’amélioration du bilinguisme.

D’après un reportage d’Héloïse Bargain

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