Bombarded With French First or French Only Signage

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Article as published in the “Daily Gleaner” December 2007

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Minto N.B.
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Dear Editor,

When the Trudeau government introduced it’s official bilingualism policy in the late 1960’s the wording “where numbers warrant” was to be a working part of the language policy.

It would appear that it has long since been deleted from any current documentation. For instance, here in New Brunswick where over 70% of the population speak languages other than French we are increasingly witnessing French only and French first signage in several predominately English areas of the province. It would appear that the elite group of enforcers strategy is, that if they place it before the public often enough we will eventually accept it as we did, Trudeau’s metric system.

Some examples in the local area are, N.B. Tourism signs, school bus signage, some Atlantic lottery outlets, health clinics, place mats in some restaurants and ROSSY store fliers.

Some would argue that ROSSY stores are a Quebec- based business. So be it, but they are operating in a city that is 95% English speaking and a province where the population is over 70% non French.

For certain if they were operating a branch store in the US and tried using Quebec’s discriminating language law BILL-101 in their advertising as they have been promoting here in N.B. they would soon get booted out of the country.

Where have our elected representatives been hiding while the majority are constantly discriminated against by these perpetrators?
This is proof that the political machinery works because it is a united minority acting against a divided majority.It’s time that New Brunswickers took their children and grand children’s future seriously and demand change.

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Matthew Glenn
President, Anglo Society of N.B.

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