Complaint to the Commissioner of Official Languages (Translated using Google Translate)

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New Democrat MP François Choquette asks the Commissioner of Official Languages to intervene “on an urgent basis” to force the proponent of the Chalk River nuclear waste dump project to translate its environmental impact assessment document into French , And require the postponement of the consultation process by that time.

This week the Ottawa River Sentinel Group denounced the fact that francophones do not have access to technical documentation in French on this project that could have significant environmental impacts. The public consultation period currently underway is scheduled to end on May 17th.

“It is imperative that the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) be required to have project documents translated under the Official Languages Act. As part of this project, the CNSC must foster the vitality of francophone and anglophone minorities under Part VII of the Official Languages Act and make effective the participation of Francophone stakeholders under Part VII of the Act On official languages, “the member said in his complaint filed Friday.

The technical document has more than 990 pages, plus annexes.
At present, only a summary of this document is available in French.
The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission argued that the proponent was not required to translate the document because it acts as a “third party”, an argument that does not hold ground, according to the NDP critic for official languages.

“The Official Languages Act obliges third parties acting as agents of the federal government to respect the same linguistic obligations,” said Mr. Choquette.

In 2015, the hon. Member had filed a complaint to obtain the French version of the documentation for the Énergie-Est pipeline project that is to be moved to Quebec and New Brunswick.

The final report of the Commissioner of Official Languages has not yet been tabled, he said on Friday.…/01-5090770-plainte-au-commissaire-…

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