Consultations on Linguistic Duality and Official Languages “A Letter To Bernard Lord”

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Views expressed by individuals in these letters are not necessarily the views of the Anglo Society of New Brunswick

As published in the Feb / Mar issue of The Dialogue Magazine

Mr. Bernard Lord
Consultations on Official Languages
15 Eddy, 11th Floor
Gatineau, QC
K1A 0M5

Dear Mr. Lord,

Before I directly address your questions on Canadians’ views of the so-called “Linguistic Duality” and Official Languages, I wish to make it clear that as a septuagenarian of five generations of English-speaking New Brunswick Canadians, I have never accepted the Trudeau Liberal concept of Official Languages, and I never will. Canada today is not the same country I grew up in and spent my life working, and supporting a series of governments, that I have now realized, destroyed the basic concept of democracy … Majority rule!

I am offended that our Prime Minister has appointed anyone, much less an avid supporter of Official Bilingualism, to fly across the country on the taxpayers’ dollar, just to record the same unending whining of French-speakers who may not “feel welcome or at home” outside Quebec. Well sir, I wish to inform you that never in my life have I felt welcome as I passed through Quebec and northern NB on the several hundred trips between NB and Ontario.


First, it is important to understand the history of this uniquely Canadian societal problem. The term “Linguistic Duality” is most offensive to anyone who believes in democracy. It is a term coined by the Pearson Liberals, with Trudeau’s shadow hanging over it. It is something that is not real, cannot be real, because it is something ‘manufactured’ by a handful of traitorous Quebecois politicians. They are responsible for the changes in our demographics over the past forty years. They are responsible for the deliberate transference of thousands of Quebecois from that province to all of the western provinces, referred to as the ‘Franco Bank’. Federal governments retained French-speakers from Quebec to move them and their families to mainly English-speaking communities across the west, so they would be in position to demand and obtain, under the Official Languages Act (OLA), French language services in those English communities. All this to retake Canada from the English, as the French have been boasting they would do for 140 years. The program was a successful, if fraudulent, coup for the Quebecois leadership in Ottawa. It would be unfair to lay all of the blame on the Quebecois alone. How ironic that the same traitor is reported to have said that “There is no way two ethnic groups in one country can be made equal before the law … and to say it is possible is to sow the seeds of destruction.” (Belgium is a case in point) There have been, and still are numerous English-speaking politicians who have lent their support to this insidious and failed experiment in social engineering, in the quest for votes, including the duped provincial premiers who fell victim to the Trudeau fraud.

It is critical to note that none of these ‘dictatorial proclamations’ … the flag issue, the OLA, the infamous National Energy Program, the patriation of our Constitution, the adverse changes to our Constitution with its Charter that turned Canadian justice, economy, society and government completely upside down … were ever put before the citizens of Canada. They were never properly debated in public and the people accorded the opportunity to have either input, consultation or a democratic referendum. These issues were simply decisions made by a handful of parliamentarians and jammed down our throats.

One more point about the province of New Brunswick: The Department of Education’s effort to change the linguistic face of NB students by promoting French Immersion is a total failure, according to the 2001 FI study contracted to Price-Waterhouse-Coopers. The study of grade 12 FI students found that only 11 per cent achieved an advanced level of French proficiency. But then an amazing statement reported that “Bilingualism is not the goal of the French Second Language Program.” In spite of the hundreds of millions of dollars thrown at language training, FI is a total failure! You cannot deny the facts, and you cannot change what can’t be changed!!

The solution to all our linguistic problems is quite simple. It’s time to say goodbye to Quebec. It’s time Canadians begin to rebuild a better Canada, without Quebec. It’s time to tear up the un-constitutional Constitution and Charter of (fewer) Rights and (limited) Freedoms. It’s time to repeal the Official Languages Act. It’s time to return the Dominion of Canada to the values of its founding Constitution … the BNA Act, 1867.

To compound this ‘French Conspiracy’, with its attending costs rising to more than three-quarters of a trillion dollars, the most nation-divisive legislation in the entire Western world, the same mindless governments reduced our Canadian Immigration and Refugee policies to a laughing stock. Canadian ‘Multiculturalism’ was invented by the same evil genius,Trudeau, to mask his first national disaster. Canada was founded and built by mostly European immigrants and refugees in our early history. However, today we are awash in peoples from every continent except those of our ancestors. None of them have anything in common with us. Their moral, religious, historical and cultural values are not only foreign to Canada, but are constantly clashing with our Canadian values and laws, which were founded on the Judeo-Christian values and the English Common Law of our founders.

Many of them come here to become Canadian citizens, but too many have no interest whatsoever in becoming ‘Canadian’. All they want is the convenience of a Canadian passport. with no intention of contributing to our society. Some come here to continue their criminal gang activities, in drugs, ‘white slavery’, prostitution, fraud of every kind, and murder. Our laws do not protect Canadians from these people. Immigrants and refugees must be required to learn the majority language, English. They must be required to learn about Canada’s historical values, our cultural values and to respect that we may accommodate their differences as secondary to theirs, if they expect to become Canadians. Otherwise they should be told to stay home!

Therefore, I demand that the federal government take action to get immigration and refugee policies under control, before we no longer have a nation of Canadians. It is common knowledge that some 130,000 refugees are roaming at large throughout Canada having never showed up for their hearings … no less than 46,000 in Ontario alone, and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship does not have a clue as to their whereabouts, nor do they care! That’s the demographic Canada faces today. The solution to the problem should be obvious. Change the policies and change the people who run the department!


As I previously stated, there is nothing that cannot be fixed by implementing the recommendations urged above. God knows, the Quebecois have tried in every way to convince Canadians they want out. Why won’t you politicians listen and start developing talks aimed at that final resolution?!

The cost/benefit ratio for this forty year old failed pipedream, is a dead loss to the nation’s economy. How will it be improved with this game of tiddlywinks? It can not! Your game is not even a fair game, being aimed at benefiting only one linguistic minority outside Quebec. Is this not linguistic and cultural racism?

Now, if by some miracle, this letter actually reaches you, Mr. Lord, I respectfully urge you to consider seriously everything I have said here. You are not the first to enter into this forum. Keith Spicer took a panel of prominent Canadians across the country, and was informed in no uncertain terms by Canadians from coast to coast, that Official Bilingualism was NOT acceptable to the majority of Canadians. Brian Mulroney then fraudulently announced to the nation the exact opposite, and we were to be further subjected to Trudeau’s legacy. I’m sure you will find a generation later that some ‘Canadians'(?) are more willing to succumb to this legislated ‘Linguistic Duality’. And yet, the Census numbers show little change from its beginning, now at a mere 17.4 per cent. The truth is, Canada is not a bilingual country and never can be. We have two legislated “Official Languages”, but the majority speak English, as does the rest of the world in commerce, science, air traffic and international relations.

I won’t apologize for the length of this missive, as it is information important to be considered in your deliberations. There could be volumes written in opposition to this “Linguistic Duality” farce. I would feel grateful if you just read my immediate concerns and solutions to the problems Canada faces today.

Call Me Canadian!

John M. Wood

8-9815 100A Ave
Morinville, AB
T8R 1V6

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