Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You

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This paramedic situation is just a dog’s breakfast for sure.

Here is a testimonial that makes you wonder.


Hey New Brunswick,

I think it’s for you to know that my husband has been working for 5 years for our government as a paramedic. In those 5 years he has been working more than full time hours and has not received one sick day or one vacation day. They will let my husband work more than full time hours every week but will not give him a position because he is not at a proficient level in both French and English. THIS IS YOUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM.

“Because of language” the government decided to create transfer trucks and my husband now spends his hours transferring patients from one hospital to another, not allowed to do 911 calls. Because his truck is labeled a transfer truck he is not allowed to drive 2 minutes down the road to help a person having a heart attack. People have had to wait 20 minutes for a different truck, with a different title, to come help… never knowing a paramedic is 2 minutes away. THIS IS YOUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM… and could be your parent, sibling or child waiting for help.

Right now my husband has a virus. He stayed home from work today because he now mainly works with seniors (providing transportation on the Ambulance) and did not want to spread this virus to them. He lost out on today’s pay because my husband cares about the people in our community. He is not better, and yet he is trying to decide right now if he should protect the patients needing Ambulance New Brunswick tomorrow, or work to make sure we can pay our mortgage next month. THIS IS YOUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM.

I care deeply about community and unity within New Brunswick. As an Anglophone speaking New Brunswicker I have talked with my francophone friends, and so many of us have the same concerns and frustrations. I have found that in so many situations it is not English vs. French… it is our government pitting us against each other instead of actually allowing the amazing people of New Brunswick to find solutions that work for all of us.

This is not a language issue. This is a saving life issue. This is a caring for our sick issue. This is letting the amazing paramedics in our province do what they are trained to do issue. This is protecting those who are choosing to be the first ones on a scene of a tragedy issue. THIS IS YOUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM.

My husband will now call in sick for tomorrow so Ambulance New Brunswick can find someone else to work. He will lose another days pay because he cares about your family members. THIS IS YOUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM.

Paramedics give of their lives to save those who need them and Ambulance New Brunswick doesn’t think many of them deserve even one sick day. So many paramedics in New Brunswick choose to be there for the traumatic events of our lives and yet work for a government that is refusing to provide them with their own basic health benefits, sick days and vacation that they deserve. THIS IS YOUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM.

Hoping for Change,

A paramedic’s wife.

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