Don’t Be Fooled

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According to The Pew Research Center, almost every country in Europe requires students as young as six to learn a foreign language, usually English. Even more impressive, over 20 European countries (including France) require students to learn two foreign languages in school for at least one school year.

””Just not in French immersion””

but rather as regular class subjects. But here in New Brunswick they have the poor Anglos fooled, rushing to enroll their kids in a proven 45 year failure driven by peer pressure and government sponsored propaganda.

We have had 45 years of provincial governments creating this environment where the French language has become important beyond proportion while not providing a learning program with a reasonable reachable proficiency requirement. They promoted language to a priority level in the job market while not providing adequate and reasonable language training and testing. They have discriminated and are discriminating against our Anglophone children by knowingly under-funding and under-staffing our Anglophone system, not only in comparison to the Francophone system but in terms of the real need.

Any wonder why we have some of the worst literacy rates in the country. Sad and unjust, but this can be changed!

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