English Police Officers Treated Like Second Class Citizens

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Dear Editor,

It is clearly evident that our laws do not apply to all New Brunswickers.

Throughout the past few years several instances have occurred which make a mockery of our justice system. There are some who break the law, and in some cases purposely to have the courts force cities and the province to provide by-laws and police services in both English and French in areas where it isn’t necessary.

This must present a hardship for unilingual English police officers who are dedicated to their jobs and public safety, especially when judges dismiss charges based on language.

Police officers, especially in New Brunswick are finding it next to impossible to receive promotions within their ranks even after he or she has served faithfully for many years.

One wonders why they would wish to stay and work in a province where they are treated like second class employees.

Information that was recently provided to the Anglo Society by a retired RCMP officer reveals just how our English speaking officers are being treated by their French speaking colleagues.
In most cases during meetings, lunch and coffee breaks the French officers carry on their conversations in the French language leaving the English officers with little or no knowledge of what is being discussed. Likewise much of the radio communication between officers is conducted in French requiring English officers to request translation. This could result in delays, confusion and in some cases be a danger to the officers involved.

In my last few years before retirement from the Federal Government.I was subjected to much of the same treatment, so I am aware of what the English speaking officers are faced with on a daily basis. This is clearly a scheme to degrade and discourage English employees into quitting, requesting a transfer or take early retirement so they can be replaced by another Francophone.

Was this how Louie Robichaud’s equal opportunity was designed to work?
All English speaking Federal and Provincial Government employees should rally together with a group called “Canadian Oppressed Public Servants in Ottawa and demand changes to such racist practices. Their web address is www.languagefairness.org.

The seventy percent English population of N.B. can no longer rely on our quisling politicians for any support. By what right does a minority force it’s language on a majority?

Be Isolated, Be Ignored, Be Attacked, Be in Doubt, Be Frightened, but do not be Silenced.
Bertrand Russell

Matthew Glenn
President Anglo Society of N.B.

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