English Speaking New Brunswickers How Long Will You WATCH?

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Views expressed by individuals in these letters are not necessarily the views of the Anglo Society of New Brunswick

English speaking Canadians no longer have any Language or Political rights left whatsoever.

The Province of New Brunswick is now an officially forced bilingual province without the vote of a referendum.
All bilingual jobs in New Brunswick which means virtually all jobs go exclusively to French Canadians, many of whom are transported in from Quebec as soon as the English jobs can be phased out.

The English speaking citizens in New Brunswick can no longer seek employment based on Skills, Merit or Experience in our own province anymore. Each Bilingual job posted is one more job taken away from the English citizens of New Brunswick.

We have completely lost our rights of full citizens of New Brunswick. We “The English Canadians” can no longer be employed by our Federal Government, Armed Forces, Police Force or any other Federal Government Corporation, Agency, Board or any other entity.

We watch as the French invasion arrives and become more visible with the backing of the Official Language Act and unlimited Federal billions of dollars in funding. We watch the push for “French Only or bilingual” signage, the takeover of the utilities and with ultimate goal of French being the language of work and the whole total transformation to a French only province.

We Watch!

We watch as our “bilingual Province” gets switched over to a “French only or bilingual” province and all traces of our English language are diminished. From the banning of our right to advertise in our own English language only to the replacement of road signs from English to French or to bilingual but with French first. All just an attempt to portray New Brunswick as a French only province! We have lost the right to advertise in the language of our choice.

We watch as our English families leave our province to seek employment and to make room for the new bilingual employees with very little, or broken English as they arrive from Quebec.

We watch as our fellow employees get bonuses and promotions at work based solely on what language they speak and while we work, stuck at the bottom of the ladder because we don’t meet the language qualifications for a job, bonus or promotion based on our choice of our Official English language.

We watch as our Government “over run with French control” sells our utilities and Corporations to Quebec.

We watch as we are discriminated against, looked down upon and treated as second class citizens because of what language we speak or don’t speak.
We watch as the Acadian flag , which is nothing more than a flag of France with a star on it be allowed to be flown in front of our Government and Municipal buildings and offices.

We are forced to learn another language and we watch while the minority controls the majority. We watch until we have no rights left whatsoever. We are the FORCED people!

We the English speaking Canadians being as trusting and gullible as we are, just sit back and let ourselves and our children get brainwashed into believing that French is a good thing for us and that if we don’t learn French then we will have no future in New Brunswick or in Canada.

We watch until we have no choice in language. We watch as we have no more rights to seek employment, Advertise or SERVE in the language of our choice.

We watch as they strip us of all our rights to exist in the language of our choice! We are no longer English speaking citizens of New Brunswick! We are being forced to become French or bilingual citizens as they annihilate all existence of the Uni lingual English Canadian.

How long will you watch?

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