Equality Health in French requires the end of the NB Ambulance Contract (Translated using Google Translated)

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The Equality in French group calls on the government to terminate the contract linking its ambulance service with Medavie Health Services.

The pressure group invokes the report of the Commissioner of Official Languages, published on Friday in which Katherine d’Entremont described several breaches of the Official Languages Act.

According to the Commissioner, NB Ambulance has deviated from its obligations under the Official Languages Act and has not been able to provide a service of equal quality in both official languages.

The president of Equality Health Hubert Dupuis believes that francophones are entitled to ambulance services equivalent to those offered to the anglophone community.

Let us hand over the ambulance service under the management of the health authorities who must already respect the official language chosen by the patient

Hubert Dupuis, French Equality Health spokesperson
He also believes that the New Brunswick government must stop defending this privatization that has been going on for over 10 years because it is not working.


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