Fight Against Quebec’s Unconstitutional Bill 101

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This is a Letter To The Editor that was rejected by the major newspapers in New Brunswick March 2011

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Dear Editor,

It has recently been reported by some media sources that a number of Quebec citizens are realizing that Bill 101, the language law that was adopted in the 1970’s restricting the use and teaching of the English language in elementary and high schools is restricting their children’s education.

The criteria to obtain an English language education in Quebec, is very stringent to a point that it is next to impossible. Since its inception this law has not applied to advanced educational institutions such as colleges and universities, but the leader of the opposition separatist PQ party is working to include them by introducing an amendment to Bill 101 that would do just that.

Premier Charest’s Liberals may also be in favor of such an amendment, but due to the upcoming Provincial Election would not want to be seen as favoring such a move, so will let the PQ opposition take the heat that it could create.

These concerned citizens along with their leader Jim Brown, a retired military officer are preparing rallies against Bill 101, to have it amended or outright rescinded to allow more access to the English language in that province. Since this bill was introduced 600,000 residents have left that province, mostly English.

Jim Brown and his supporters are planning their first rally in Montreal on April 17th, from 1-3 pm protesting this law that has been deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court and the United Nations.

This is the kind of discriminating law that we presume would only be found in third world dictatorships, but we also find it right here in New Brunswick in the form of Bill Z-22 in Dieppe. This law dictates that private business must display French or French first bi-lingual signage.

The Anglo Society of New Brunswick encourages anyone who has the ability to attend any of the April 17th rallies in support of these concerned Quebec citizens should do so.

If action is not taken the English language will soon be all but extinct in that province and such discriminating laws will continue to rear their ugly head here in New Brunswick.

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Matthew Glenn
President, Anglo Society NB

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