Government releases French Second Language Results for 2015 – 2016 school year

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The total number of students enrolled in Grade 12 Anglophone was 6 258.


Early French Immersion –

First of all, only 451 Anglophone students in NB completed the program and took the assessment.
Of those students – only 166 students achieved Advanced Level (hiring for entry level public service usually requires Superior, although Advanced Plus is sometimes accepted depending on the role)


Late French Immersion –

Even more dismal. Only 214 students completed the program and took the assessment.
Of those students, only 30, yes, 30 – achieved Advanced Level


Post Intensive French –

Less than 1%


Parents – you are being misled. Your children are not achieving bilingualism – not at a level that will allow them to be successful in a bilingual work environment … 196 children out of 6, 258.

Now – think about the poor results of our literacy, mathematics, and science assessments.
Your kids are failing in BOTH languages. They MUST learn basic reading, writing and math skills in their mother-tongue before you can expect them to be successful at learning in a foreign language.

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