The Anglophone Rights Association of New Brunswick (ARANB) was created to represent the rights and interests of Anglophones in New Brunswick.

We want to give the Anglophone population a collective and unified voice with which to present their concerns, and to work towards ensuring balance and logic with regards to the application of language laws. By doing so, we can create a province where both Anglophones and Francophones can raise their families and live in peace.

A Non-profit Association

The Anglophone Rights Association of New Brunswick (ARANB) has been created out of concern with current barriers and restrictions placed upon the English-speaking community with regards to employment and opportunity in New Brunswick. By uniting and using our collective voices to advocate for change, we aim to achieve balance, fairness, and logic in the application of language laws.

The current blanket approach to the application of language laws does not work. Despite more than 45 years as Canada’s only officially bilingual province, New Brunswick is no further ahead, and in many ways further behind than when we started. Despite all efforts, laws, regulations, acts, and amendments – the vitality of the French Language has continued to decrease over the years, while the percentage of Anglophones considered to be bilingual has increased less than 4%.

It’s time to recognize that the current system and state of affairs is not working. Admitting this and advocating for change is not an admission of defeat or failure – it’s simply recognition that WE CAN DO BETTER.

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