How is Your Math???

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November 18, 2010


How is your math?

How much is one trillion dollars? According to Funk and Wagnalls Standard desk Dictionary, 1. U.S. A thousand billions, written as one (1) followed by twelve (12) zeros: A cardinal number; called a billion in Great Britain. 2. Brit. A million billions (def.2) Written as 1 followed by 18 zeros.

U.S. $1,000,000,000,000.00, or U.K.$1,000,000,000,000,000,000.00

The worth of a billion dollars was presented to me in the following way. If you could spend one hundred thousand dollars each day, seven days per week, and collect no interest it would take approximately twenty seven (27) years to rid you of the burden of a Billion dollars. How long for a Trillion??

What would that sum be worth to a robust country like Canada? Just think, no shortage of Doctors. Plenty of Senior care homes (beds). Unfilled daycare spaces. Lower taxes, if any were required at all. No National debt!! All those things could and would be possible with that amount of free money available.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Canada has wasted, yes wasted one trillion, a hundred and fifty billion of our tax dollars over the past 40 years. That is in U.S terms; $1,150,000,000,000.00; or in UK terms; $1,150,000,000,000,000,000.00.

That is a lot of moola. Where did it go you ask?

The following was developed by forensic accountant Jim Allan and includes the total Official Bilingualism (OB) loss to Canadian GDP from such things as;

Office of the Commissioner, direct payroll,Office of the Commissioner, fixed costs (rent, heat, light, leases, travel, supplies, opportunity costs.),Civil Service training (courses, materials, lost time, staff wastage.),Translation costs, (payroll, consultants, simultaneous translation),Translation media (paper),Time in bilingual voice mail (“press 1 for English”) and all the mostly unused French side of voice mail.,Private Industry labeling costs.,loss of Foreign product in Canadian markets (less competition from would be importers who refuse to comply with labeling requirements),Less than highest competent staff recruited in Federal Civil Service. ie; “language over competence”, ditto in provincial civil service in most other provinces, ditto, private industry, but only in some companies.. so far.

Lost time in private industry complying with compulsory training. Costs incurred by municipalities outside of Quebec. (Translation, council time. Etc.) Various other fixed and variable costs to industry and government for compliance with official bilingualism (OB)., Preference towards Quebec in trade, legislation, etc.

These figures come from a survey done by a Mr. Jim Allan. The survey is too long for this article but the end result showed an average cost of $29 Billion per year for a biased, forced language program that has caused nothing but hardship for talented, competent uni-lingual civil servants and various other professionals, who, in spite of their many attributes, find it difficult and pointless to learn a minority language.


As I have stated before. It would be much more productive and economical to teach the working language of the world to the 4%, yes, approximately 4% of Canadian Citizens who do not speak English. Forced bilingualism is similar to pushing a rope. A pointless exercise and wasted tax dollars.

I can hear the francophones now. That bigoted, redneck Ross is at it again. Well you are right; I am and will remain so until some common sense prevails. If this keeps on there will be no country for you to take over. That is your plan, is it not?

With the cost of appeasing Quebec ($8.5 billion per year) added to the senseless expense of forced bilingualism there won’t be much left to squander.

N.B. is in debt crisis, after four years of Liberal misadventure and forty-five years of linguistic manipulation, I wonder what percentage of our debt is a direct cost of bilingualism? And; the Federal government props New Brunswick up with millions in transfer payments. Maybe if you ask your MP’s, MLA’s and Ministers they might provide an answer. Don’t hold your breath.

That is the way I see it.

Ted Ross
Miramichi, N.B.,

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