ME COMPANY Education in NB: Equal envelope includes $ 19.3 million over two years (Translated by Google)

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EXCLUSIVE – The egalitarian envelope provided by the Government of New Brunswick to catch up with the financing of francophone education system includes $ 19.3 million between 2016 and 2018.

A study conducted in 2013 by Pierre-Marchel Desjardins, an economist and professor at the Universit√© de Moncton, assessed the funds needed to ensure the equality of French-language education with the English-speaking community system to $ 11.5 million. Dollars per year for the Francophone sector. However, this year’s funding for Fredericton was about $ 3 million.

The New Brunswick Francophone Teachers’ Association (AEFNB) and others had filed a lawsuit against the government to increase funding. Then, in September, the AEFNB announced an agreement with the Ministry of Education and withdrew its prosecution. It was not specified at this time whether Fredericton would increase annual funding.

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Radio-Canada Acadie has just obtained the figures under the Right to Information Act. The government is investing $ 8.6 million for 2016-2017 and $ 10.7 million for 2017-2018.

A large portion of the annual funds, $ 6,840,000, is devoted to francization and linguistic updating. The focus is on investing in literacy and identity building in a minority setting.

Amounts of the Equal Envelope:

2016-2017: 8.6 million
2017-2018: 10.7 million
Total: 19.3 million
Significant amounts are also spent on the training of child care workers, the care of children of immigrant families and the support of vulnerable schools.

Satisfied stakeholders

Chantal Varin, Executive Director of the Francophone Parent Association of New Brunswick, was an intervener in the prosecution launched by AEFNB. The government’s plan delighted her.

“We are certainly very happy with this good news,” said Chantal Varin. I believe parents can just rejoice to have more money in the portfolio for the better education of our youth. We can not do otherwise. ”

A book in French costs more than a book in English. That is a fundamental basis. From the moment we make the resources available, we are promoting better development for our young people, no doubt.
Chantal Varin, Executive Director of the Francophone Parent Association of New Brunswick
Pierre-Marcel Desjardins said he was quite satisfied with the amounts invested and that there was some room for maneuver as to the priorities for these investments.

“Over time, priorities and needs may change. In this context, the managers, the people who make decisions, must have the room to maneuver. So not all the actions I have targeted in my report will be funded. Some will be funded more, others will not be funded. But, overall, there are indeed measures that will achieve the desired objectives, “stresses Pierre-Marcel Desjardins.

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