Minority Language Tsunami

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Article as submitted to all local “Letters to the Editor” December 2007

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Dear Editor,

In response to a November 16th article in the Fredericton Daily Gleaner by Kate Wright entitled “New Brunswick needs cash to attract French speaking immigrants” One might ask, why does our Provincial government find it necessary to target French speaking immigrants? We need not look far for the answer. As most should be aware, very few French New Brunswickers are affected as are the English by the current discriminating language laws.

A large percentage of jobs, especially government, but steadily increasing in the private sector are being designated bilingual and at a level that very few English would qualify.

This has led to the recent exodus of three thousand mostly young New Brunswickers and their families over an eighteen month period to western Canada, US and abroad.

This obviously means that these bilingual positions will be filled with French speaking immigrants, many of whom would not be qualified, creating an added expense to tax payers for training.

All the while our English children and grandchildren are literally being driven out of the province in order to pursue a meaningful career without the burden of learning and maintaining a second language. Clearly a form of ethnic cleansing as has been happening to the English minority in Quebec.

We are witnessing similar situations in other parts of Canada, especially in the Ottawa region where hundreds of English employees are being replaced with French speakers from the province of Quebec regardless of qualifications providing they are somewhat bilingual.

What Canadians are now witnessing is a MINORITY LANGUAGE TSUNAMI created by past and present spineless politicians bowing to the demands of an elite group of French mostly from Quebec who have infiltrated all levels of government.

This does not bode well for the future of this province or Canada in general and has little or nothing to do with fairness and equality but is all about power.

Clearly the destruction of our once great nation is well in progress.
When will the sleeping majority wake up and realize what is happening right before their eyes?

A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has been destroyed from within.
William James Durant


Ronald Bubar
Vice President

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