More and More Signage in French First or French Only

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As published in the Daily Gleaner

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70 Hill Street
Minto N.B.
E4B 3N3

Dear Editor,

Due to what has been happening in this province, could it be that New Brunswick has become a part of Quebec but our elected representatives have not yet mustered the courage and honesty to officially inform us?
One glaring example is that more and more signage throughout the province is appearing unilingual French or French First.”Quebec’s BILL 101″.

The Provincial Government has even resorted to erecting such signage under the cover of darkness for fear of a protest by members of the Anglo Society. One recent example being the
N.B. Liquor outlet in Minto.

It is time that New Brunswickers became more vigilant and vocal when noticing this type of signage which is now appearing in some private businesses. Such businesses should be boycotted until they change this policy. Surely they are aware that 70% of the population are English speaking or has that been changed as has our history?

There are some who do not approve of Anglo Society members protesting against this gradual changing of signage to French only or French first but when phone calls and letters are ignored there is no other choice but to take action.

For those who still wish to ignore the problem and hope it will go away, “be assured it will not” should read the book titled BILINGUAL TO-DAY FRENCH TOMORROW by author J V Andrew which was written ten years after the Official Languages act was passed.

Being a Lieutenant Commander in the R.C.N. he was well aware of it’s consequences. This book is available at some libraries or can be purchased by calling (506)327-6723 or visit our website at for more information.

Members and non members are encouraged to contact our office when discovering signage that does not reflect the demographics of this province. We appreciate your concern and assistance.

At a recent Anglo Society meeting it was unanimously agreed that members would increase their protest activity in 2007. To ignore what is happening in our province would be cowardly and shameful.


Matthew Glenn
President Anglo Society of N.B.

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