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70 Hill Street
Minto N.B.


Dear Editor,

Re: The proposed sale of N.B. Power to Hydro Quebec. What have our elected representatives been smoking? Remember the power deal made with Newfoundland where Quebec has generated $21 billion of revenue while NFLD nets only one $billion?

There is a great deal more to be concerned about when signing on to this deal than present or future power rates, and that is, the very future of this province.

Anyone with a pea for a brain could visualize what Quebec ‘s long term goals are.

Firstly, N.B. will become Quebec ‘s branch office and N.B. power will become another make work project for Quebecers. Eventually all English speaking employees will be forced to become bilingual or be replaced. We must remember that Quebec is a unilingual French province “COUNTRY” where the English language is all but outlawed, enforced by language police. Don’t think for a minute that it won’t apply to any business owned by Quebec regardless of what province it is situated, therefore qualified English speaking New Brunswickers will be shut out and many will be forced to leave the province for meaningful employment elsewhere.

As French speakers move from Quebec to N.B they will be demanding more French schools, cultural centers medical clinics, etc. with the majority taxpayer paying the lion’s share of the bill, at least until our population reaches their desired goal of 50% plus one French. Then will come Quebec ‘s Bill.101 outlawing the English language province wide.

Remember, Jean Chretien was one of the authors of Trudeau’s 1982 constitutional changes and had a specific goal in mind when he convinced Jean Cherest to become premier of Quebec . That being to push French as deeply as possible into other parts of Canada using the billions of tax dollars in equalization payments sent to Ottawa mostly by Alberta . For those who are not aware Quebec receives 45% of those annual $ billions.

The next step will be to freeze out the other Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland until they eventually circum to a similar Quebec buyout of their major resources.

It would appear that our English politicians have already sworn allegiance to separatist Quebec . “Hello Quebec Good Bye New Brunswick “.


Matthew Glenn
President, Anglo Society of N.B.


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