Quebec actively interfering in the affairs of other provinces

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Article as published in the “Dialogue Magazine” Vol 21, No.2 Aug/Sept 2007

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Goodbye, so long, auf wiedersehen, goodbye
by Michael Neilly (email:

This will probably be my last Dialogue magazine column on Quebec. For one thing, so many people write so ably and eloquently on the topic that there is little that I could add. For another, I’m sick of what the Quebec “thing” has cost Canada in general. The biggest problems that Canada faces today are globalization, social decay and pollution; yet for decades, we have been distracted by Quebec’s puffed up, fascist politicians, who are determined to goose-step over basic democratic and constitutionally-guaranteed human rights to get what, they will find, will bring them little satisfaction.

A headline in the Nov. 8/06 Ottawa Citizen read, “Quebec to promote French from coast to coast”. “We have a responsibility with regard to who we are and to what constitutes the Quebec nation”, proclaimed Mr. Charest, unveiling his new policy on francophone Canada, stating further that “the active defence and promotion of Quebec’s interests and identity within Canada is closely linked to the narrow co-operation with francophone communities.” In other words, Quebec intends to support and defend (or meddle in) francophone minority communities across Canada, as does the federal government right now.

With this latest announcement, Quebec’s naked nationalist aspirations are reminiscent of Serbia’s longing for a Greater Serbia and one can easily draw parallels between Canada and the old Yugoslavia, both socialist countries with multicultural societies, both with one aggressive province bent on defending minority communities in the other provinces. Quebec’s talk of independence is one thing, but actively interfering in the affairs of other provinces, this is something entirely different.

This interference is a natural evolution of Quebec nationalism, which, for some na+

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