Quebec Has It Right

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Another rejected Letter To The Editor August 2009. Why don’t the major newspapers want to print the truth?

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Minto N.B.
E3B 4N3

Dear Editor,

From recent government reports it would appear that the French population in N.B. is in decline and our governments are willing to prop up that language and culture at any cost.

The most recent announcement is to bring French speaking immigrants from Africa .

How similar would their language be to the French language in New Brunswick ?

Most likely these immigrants would require both English and French language training before becoming employable creating an added cost to tax payers, not to mention social assistance and housing. According to government records immigrants receive $2500.00 per month while our N.B. seniors receive approx. $1000.00

The Anglo Society of N.B. is constantly being contacted by individuals who are finding it difficult acquiring affordable housing and others who are unable to obtain timely medical attention. We regularly advise these people to contact their MLA for assistance.

One individual was recently informed by their family doctor that it could be 18 month before they could consult with a specialist concerning a serious back problem and possibly another long wait for an operation. Meanwhile this individual must rely on expensive pain killing medication in order to continue working.

It’s obvious, propping up the French language and culture by our government supersedes all essential services in this province. When will English speaking tax payers wake up from Sleepy Hollow and demand that our elected representatives get their priorities in order? By what right does a minority force it’s language on a majority?

Quebec has it right when they say it’s too expensive and want no part of official “FORCED” bilingualism.


Matthew Glenn
President, Anglo Society of N.B.

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