SANB calls on New Brunswick government to better defend Francophones

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The Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick (SANB) proposes to Brian Gallant’s government to take certain measures to better defend the Francophone community.

The SANB will publish on Thursday a brief containing several proposals, including a proposal to increase funding for the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages.

“We saw a loosening of the Gallant government’s official languages legislation, a lack of interest in the issue of school buses, the issue of child care, and duality in child care. It is a government that calculates everything politically and does not make the decisions that are before it. So it reinforces the need for someone to focus on these issues, “says SANB President Kevin Arseneau.

SANB also proposes to the government to create a center of excellence on the challenges of Acadia, the form of which remains to be defined.

“There is not one that deals with the issues in a holistic way. We do not say we have to create another one. It may be a network that needs to be created, or a way of working together with all these different actors, institutes and research centers. It can be done with the resources that already exist. It’s putting people in touch, “says Kevin Arseneau.

According to Kevin Arseneau, it is time for the Liberal government to take concrete action on language issues.

Duality in daycare centers, the fiasco of buses. We do not have a government that stands up and says, “We have a social contract, we have a responsibility to all the players in the province, and that’s what we’re going to do.” We do not see it , That.

Kevin Arseneau, President of the Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick

SANB drafted its brief following the government’s pre-budget consultations.

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