SANB will not be the Francophonie Summit (Translated by Google)

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The new president of the Society of Acadian New Brunswick (SANB), Kevin Arseneau, regrets the lack of representation of the Acadian society in the Francophonie Summit.

The event, which this year is in its 16th presentation will take place in Madagascar on 26 and 27 November on the theme of shared growth and responsible development: the conditions of the stability of the world and the Francophone world.

Since 1986, the summit brings together Heads of State and Government of member countries of the International Organization of the Francophonie.

By an unfortunate coincidence, the SANB will not accompany the government delegation from New Brunswick, as was usually the case at previous summits.

Kevin Arseneau told the Acadie Nouvelle that former interim president of the organization, Philippe Beaulieu, declined the invitation of the government Gallant explaining that it would occupy more positions at once SANB arrived the summit.

The day after his election as head of the agency on October 23, Kevin Arseneau said he contacted the Prime Minister’s office to inform him of his intention to join the New Brunswick delegation going Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital.

“The government’s response was that it was too late to be part of the delegation,” said the activist farmer and a native of Rogersville.
It regrets that some Canadian associations were able to integrate the official Canadian delegation to the summit long after the date of the discussions between the SANB and the provincial government.
“I wanted to set the record straight after people have accused the SANB sleeping on the switch, this is not the case at all!”

Kevin Arseneau said to be disappointed that the Government of New Brunswick can not accommodate the organization representing Acadians in the province and that just to have a new board of directors.

“It is true that there are time constraints, but if Brian Gallant was elected on October 23, I’m pretty sure we would have found a way to ensure that the Prime Minister can go to Madagascar “, shows the president SANB.

“It is certain that the provincial government must represent there the interests of the Acadian population, but a government perspective, I doubt the government to represent the Acadians as SANB could have done,” said Kevin Arseneau .

The latter said he toyed with the possibility to go to the Francophonie Summit on its own, without officially accompany the New Brunswick and Canadian delegation.

“Not being an official delegate, it would not be possible to participate in discussions and meet other delegations within the walls. This idea was quickly dismissed, also considering the large budget that would be needed to get there, “said Kevin Arseneau.


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