Sensible Solutions for New Brunswick’s Staggering Debt

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Dear Editor,

Recent reports from government sources and others indicate that our province is in a serious financial position. Several individuals through letters to the editor and other forms of media are suggesting ways to slay the deficit and reduce the debt, but will any advice be taken seriously?

Little does the average New Brunswicker know how much funding is being directed to language duplication and segregation, especially within our education and health departments. Our previous government indicated the cost for official “forced” bilingualism to be $750 million annually, not considering what is being hidden within all other departments which could easily double that amount.

Millions more are provided to such organizations as the Acadian Society who have thirty chapters within this small province. This means their bank accounts are kept topped up by us tax payers relieving their Society from having to do any serious fund raising as do other groups such as the Scottish, Irish, Welch and Anglo Societies.

This is but one more area that the N.B. government could reduce or eliminate funding and save tax payers millions annually.

There are several areas within the province where English are a minority such as Dieppe , Buctouche, Caraquet, Campbelton and Edmundston but due to discriminatory policies do not qualify for government cultural funding.

This clearly indicates that one linguistic group is considered superior to all others qualifying them for these annual handouts “welfare” from our Provincial and Federal governments while children go to bed hungry and the homeless forced to live on the streets.

This surely portrays our elected representatives as weak, cowardly and uncaring to say the least.

Angela Markel president of Germany was quoted as saying “SOCIALISM WORKS WELL UNTIL YOU RUN OUT OF OTHER PEOPLES MONEY”.

Our government must accept the fact that financially New Brunswick is already in that position.

Matthew Glenn
President, Anglo Society of N.B.

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