Summary of Miramichi Meeting

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Just got back from Miramichi, and my head is still spinning from a very busy, informative, and productive day – but I will try to give you all a quick summary.

The minutes from out Executive meeting are being prepared and will be available to member in the next few days.

Overall – Miramichi was probably our best meeting to date. We had roughly 70 in attendance (it was hard to get an exact number as a few people who had other commitments dropped by just to pick up some information from us and had to leave, and a few others who had been busy earlier dropped by for the last part of the meeting). 35 new members chose to join us at the meeting, and we have signed on an additional 12 today on top of that.

I can not give thanks enough to Ron for organizing this event, our Board members for making it happen, our many regular volunteers who give up so much of their time and do so much travelling to support us … and there were several very familiar faces present today who I know traveled from Fredericton, Sussex, Salisbury, Moncton, etc. to lend their support.

A special thanks as well to Mr. Kris Austin who traveled from Minto, and who spoke to the audience as well.

Overall – I couldn’t be much happier with the results!

We do have a few changes, plans, projects, etc. that have been identified … we will be putting our thoughts in order and sharing more with you soon!

Thank you all so much – Onwards and Upwards!

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