Time for Small Villages to Unite

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Letter to the Editor submitted Oct 26, 2009

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October 26, 2009

Dear editor,

I don’t understand small villages, to my thinking we should stick together, support each other and look out for each others backs.

I joined the Anglo Society because I believe in keeping a language alive.

I chose 7 years ago to move in this area. Most services, I would say is 99% English. I have never tried to push any French in the area.

I finally realised how important it is to keep the English language alive and there is a lack of support from the communities towards the Anglo Society of New Brunswick. My thinking is that I think that it’s a lack of knowing and understanding of the Anglo Society. Main thing for us is that we want to preserve a language that is being squeezed out bit by bit by our wonderful folks we call politicians.

Even though I was born and brought up French does not mean that I can’t support something that I finally believe in.

So all you fine people, no matter what background your from it’s time to stand up and make your voices heard and join us as one voice and support the Anglo Society and protect our English language.

Enough wasted tax money in trying to change or add an extra language that most of us will never need in small villages like ours that we love so much.

Michel (Mike) Michaud
Member Anglo Society of New Brunswick


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