We Support Our Paramedics

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It’s a matter of priority.
The process of recovering life is THE first priority, not company handouts, not culture , not language

It’s a matter of respect.
There is a reality that “value” from their work far our weighs the pay cheque. Is there money? You bet when it comes to pet government give aways there is.
Respect from appreciation of the “beyond the call of duty” sacrifices and stress they face everyday.

It’s a matter of reason.
That language need not out weigh life. That language need not lead to exclusion. That a public workforce must reflect the society it serves, a society that actually pays those salaries through taxes.

It’s a matter of fairness.
Where government has favoured one group over another through providing subsidized training to one and not the other. Where Anglophone paramedic’s have been excluded from language training. Where language proficiency testing and achievement requirements have been unrealistic.

We support our paramedic’s.

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